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Programme Estimate

The TradeCom II – ACP Trade Capacity Building Programme is mainly implemented through a Program Estimate Component and a Grant Component.

The TradeCom II Programme Estimate (PE) covers the implementation period of the Programme (2016 to mid-2020). It lays down the human and material resources required, the budget and the detailed technical and administrative implementing arrangements for execution of a Programme partially by means of public procurement. Its implementation follows, by all means, the EU regulation, rules and procedures on the implementation of such an instrument as delineated in the "Practical guide to procedures for programme estimates" (Version 5.0 – December 2015) (PG for PE).

The management of the Programme Estimate is entrusted to the TradeCom II Project Management Unit (PMU) by the Regional Authorising Officer (ACP Secretary General) and endorsed by the European Commission.

The Program Estimate Component accommodates mainly a demand driven facility capable of rapidly mobilizing trade-related technical assistance for the ACP beneficiaries.

The demand driven activities are guided by requests of eligible beneficiaries’ needs sent to the PMU for assessment in accordance with the Programmes’ objectives and expected results. Approved requests to be financed by the TradeCom II Programme are, in most cases, implemented through technical assistance mobilised by the PMU using the resources of the TradeCom II Programme Estimate.

Programme funded by European Union at the request of the Organisation of African Caribbean and Pacific States - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM