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Targeted Support for the development of a Ghana-EU Agribusiness platform

Posted on: September 01, 2021

This project has been conceived in partnership with the Ghana - European Business Organisation – Ghana (EBO GHANA) With the aim to increase the private investment in the agribusiness sector and make the most out of the public investment in the sector through the creation of the EU-Ghana Agribusiness Platform.

In particular, the activities of this project fall under two components.

1. To identify the options and prepare related workplans for the establishment and operationalization of the EU-Ghana Agribusiness Platform

Within this component, the project will:

  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis of the agri-business private sector and other actors to determine their needs;
  • Conduct desk research and literature review on existing models and best practice cases, including key elements of its financial sustainability, for national and EU-linked agri-business platforms
  • Draft a model for EU-Ghana Agribusiness Platform
  • Formulate a set of relevant, simple and straightforward indicators to monitor the platform's activities and objectives and propose an M&E system.

2. To increase the viability and shared understanding of the Platform among the Key stakeholders and Core Group.

Following the activities under the first component, the team of experts will:

  • Share the draft model of the EU-Ghana Agribusiness Platform with the key stakeholders;
  • Carry-out consultation with the key stakeholders on the key elements of the EU-Ghana Agribusiness Platform model;
  • Support EBO Ghana in obtaining the validation of the EU-Ghana Agribusiness model and in conducting a successful workshop to consider and validate the results of this support project;

The project, started in June 2021, will have a period of implementation of 5 months.

Programme funded by European Union at the request of the Organisation of African Caribbean and Pacific States - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM